Hi, my name is Mat. I'm an illustrator/artist from the UK. I create dream like, fanciful imagery based heavily around animals, made up creatures and the natural world. I'm available for freelance projects and commissions.

Contact: mat@matmillerillustration.com





People of the USA!  Firstly, Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Hope you’re all taking a well earned rest and spending time with the people most dear to you.  

With summer drawing to an end and ultimately less time spent outdoors, why not spruce up your home/dorm/apartment with a sturdy art print made of wood?!  Prints on wood are paying for your shipping this weekend only (because they are nice like that)!  

This means you can pick up a 9”x12”beautifully made plywood print for $40!  Sizes go right up to 30”x40” and they also come ready to hang.  Anyway, check them out and I’ll let you get on with having fun/sleeping.

Prints on Wood Gallery



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